General questions

Which platforms will the game be released on?
The game will be released on iOS and Android. It will also be playable in a browser.
When is the game going to be released?
The early access to the game will be available in December 2021. Full Soft Launch will be in December 2022.
Where will it be possible to buy FNF tokens?
The available exchanges will be announced in 2022.
Which blockchain will the game be on?
We will announce this information later.
I have a suggestion for you, who can I contact?
You can write to our Community Manager on Telegram.
What is the FNF token? How does it differ from the DEL token?
FNF is the game token of the Fur & Fury game. It is used for in-game transactions and enables smart contracts to work. We will announce the listing and the method of purchasing the FNF tokens in the near future. DEL is the DecimalChain blockchain token that Fur & Fury is based on.
Who is the developer of the game?
Please read about our team in the Team section. The development studio consists of more than 20 highly qualified specialists.

Will the game be playable as an app or is it browser-based?
The first version of Fur & Fury will only be playable in a browser. Its start is scheduled for December 2021. Full Soft Launch is planned for the end of 2022 – the game will be available on iOS and Android.

Game questions

What is the game’s genre?
Fur & Fury is an NFT autobattler that includes the elements of rogue-lite games with random generation. It will also include the elements of management and tactics.
How do I start playing?
To start the game, you will need to rent or purchase combat bears. In December 2021, you will have access to a training squad of pre-generated bears, which will allow you to get comfortable in the game and see the gameplay with your own eyes.

That are the game characters?
The game has 6 characters and 11 clans. Each of them has its own characteristics and synergies. You can read more in White Paper.
What are the ways to make money in the game?
There are many ways to earn money in the game, the easiest of them being to complete missions and receive rewards in the native FNF token. You can read more about it in White Paper.

Will it be possible to level up?
Yes, each bear will have a power parameter. It will be influenced by many factors – e. g. wearable items.
What items will there be in the game?
There will be two types of the items: droppable (consumable items and resources) and equippable (they will also be NFT).
Will there be a crafting system?
Yes. Moreover, we do not plan to sell in-game items (except for consumables) in Fur & Fury. It means that the market for the NFT wearable items will be created from the scratch and it will be regulated only by the Players in the future.

Technical questions

Will the game be online?
Fur & Fury will include a single-player campaign with online ratings. In the future, we are considering the development of a multiplayer component.
Where can I find out about the development process?
Only from our social networks. In the future, we plan to develop a YouTube channel with development diaries.

About $DIESEL and BBP tokens

What is the address of the token smart contract?
We will publish the smart contract addresses in early 2022.
How do I get FNF tokens?
Currently it’s impossible. Stay tuned for more updates. We will publish actual news on our social networks.
How will I get my NFT embryo then?
The NFT embryo will be given to you in the blockchain network. There will be a smooth transition to FNF in the future. For the end-user, in the end, there will be no difference.
What currency can I buy an embryo for?
You can buy an embryo. The price was 70$ at pre-sale.
What is the FNF token secured by?
Just like with any other cryptocurrency, the value of FNF is demand driven. This demand, in its turn, is provided by elastic emission and interesting gameplay. For more details on the economics of the game, please see White Papper.
Why do I need a BBP token?
These tokens are only used for crossbreeding bears and creating new anthropomorphic animals. They are purchased from the game directly. The number of tokens available for sale depends on the number of defeated bosses in missions (maps, locations, etc.) for the past 24 hours.
Will there be an FNF token on CoinMarketCap?
We are negotiating and hope to add the FNF to the list as soon as possible.

Financial questions

I heard that you can get passive income from owning characters in the game. Is it true?

Yes, Fur & Fury has a system allowing players to receive an FNF token for owning a character.
How much money do I get for stacking?
It depends on many factors which we will describe in a future White Paper edition.
What is the minimum amount needed to purchase an Embryo?
It was 50$ in October 2021.
Is it possible to start playing without investing money?
Yes! There will be a character rental system for this. You can read more about it in White Papper.
How can I be sure that the popularity of the game will grow? After all, it's important for the growth of the token rate.
We are preparing a global marketing campaign that will cover not only the Internet but also the streets of major cities. Our goal is to create brand awareness at the level of AAA-games.
How many characters can one Player have?
An unlimited number. Who knows, maybe one of you reading this will become a billionaire bear someday.


How do I join a community?
Links to our social networks are at the bottom of the page.
Why would I want to join?
In our community you will be able to follow the project's news, participate in contests and earn FNF tokens.

When is the next contest?
Several contests will be held in 2021 before the Pre-Sale. We will announce these events.
How do I become a project moderator?
Please write to our Community Manager on Telegram and be active on our social networks.